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Need some cosmic clarity?

Get answers fast and move forward with confidence.

Need some cosmic clarity?

Tarot is perhaps one of the most insightful tools I’ve ever worked with. Tarot readings allow you to gain clarity on situations, understand the energetic patterns running through your lives and give you the tough-love you may not want to hear but may need to hear. Tarot can help you reassess your current situation and give you an alternative outside perspective of your situation. I have been honored to assist hundreds of people with tarot readings over the last 15 years.

You Create Your Reality

A common misunderstanding with the Tarot is that it predicts the future. This is partially true. The tarot through synchronicity, allows us to see the current energy patterns running through our situations and where the energy is headed if it is not changed. The tarot offers advice on how to change the outcome if it isn’t desired or keep the energy flow going if it is desired. Nothing is ever set in stone and the tarot assists in making sure that with the right choices we can have a desirable outcome.

Hand-Shuffled With Love

A lot of online tarot readers use computer programs to do tarot readings. My readings are always done with a real physical deck with time, energy and love put into it. Each reading the deck is cleansed of energy and charged with energy to ensure that the reading is as powerful as possible, without the interference of someone else’s reading – which can be a common problem for the novice tarot reader.

How the Session Works

When I receive payment along with your questions and information I then schedule the reading. I will cleanse and energize the tarot, call upon my guides and create a protective environment where I can get into a meditative state to clear myself. At this point I will perform the reading and make notes to then meditate upon. When I’ve gained strong clarity on your reading I will then record an mp3 audio file of the tarot reading and send that to you along with a photo of the card spread.

Your Engagement

When ordering a reading you will be taken to a form to fill out. Please include your full name, the email address you wish the reading to be received along with your question written as detailed as possible. A picture of yourself is also very helpful in tapping into your energy field if you’re comfortable – but not required or necessary. If you do not have a specific inquiry – that’s okay! Just write that you would like a general reading. After this has been done all I ask is that you do a quick little meditation and affirmation mentally giving me permission to do your tarot reading and asking your guides to assist in the process of a clear reading for your highest good. It is also recommended to do a meditation and affirmation that your guides will assist you in understanding the information being presented.

Turn Around Time & Confidentiality

My tarot reading turn around time is 3 business days due to the nature of how I read. This ensures that I can dedicate a strong meditative state in a sacred space to offer the best reading – and this gives time for me to type up the reading so that you can have a copy to refer back to as time goes by. All readings are strictly confidential and no information (or that you have received a reading) will ever be discussed with anyone in public or private without your full consent.

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