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Carl Jung

Mat Auryn, Rachel True, Mary K. Greer, Tarot, BTS, Archetypes, Carl Jung

In this episode of THE CIRCLE IS podCAST, Rachel True and Mat Auryn welcome the legendary tarot scholar and pioneer Mary K. Greer for an engaging chat. They dive into how the tarot community has evolved since the 80s, hear about Mary’s tarot journey inspired by her grandmother, and laugh over her most awkward readings. They discuss her significant impact on tarot, explore archetypes, and get Mary’s advice on navigating Jungian concepts in today’s world. Plus, Mary reveals her rarest tarot deck in her collection. And, of course, no conversation with Mary is complete without talking about her love for K-Pop group BTS. Tune in for an episode packed with wisdom, humor, and a sprinkle of K-Pop magic!

Mary K. Greer’s Website & Blog:

Upcoming Events With Mary K. Greer:

July 21 – The Tarot Archetypes: BTS and Tarot

Aug. 5-9 – Wisdom of Tarot workshop at the OMEGA Institute, Rhinebeck, NY,

Aug. 9-11 – Masters of Tarot weekend at the OMEGA Institute.